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Wait! That Can't Be Right!--Lesson 1--So Many Choices--Genesis 48

Discussion Questions:

1. Why does God allow choice if our choices can hurt or destroy us or someone else?

2. Do you believe God has a recipe for your life? How difficult has it been for you to follow

the recipe? What kinds of things tempt you to add colors that make it impossible to stay

true to the color the LORD wants you to be?

3. How does 17 years in Egypt change Jacob’s outlook on life? What lessons do you learn

from this example in Jacob’s life?

4. Do you see the same kind of intention that Joseph and Moses showed in picking a culture

happening in our culture today? What are some ways the church can help families be

more intentional with the path they set for their children?

5. How does Jacob’s model of using past, present and future help you with determining

direction or the right colors for your own life?

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