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Wait! That Can't Be Right!--Lesson 4--Wait For It!--Habakkuk 2

Discussion Questions:

1. What kinds of times have you had waiting for a response from the LORD? How did He use

these times of waiting to develop deeper trust in Him and His ways?

2. Why would God use a people as ungodly as the Babylonians to discipline His people?

What lessons do you learn for your own life from this?

3. What kind of worry do you have about whether God will keep His promises? How does

the element of time help or hinder your ability to control worry?

4. How does faith help you to say God knows what He is doing, even when the situations

you face don’t make sense to you?

5. How does looking for things to unwrap each day help you to trust more and wait in faith

upon the promises of God?

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