Welcome--Lesson 1--Oh! The Things That Excite God!--Luke 15

Discussion Questions:

1. What kinds of walks of shame have you had to experience? Are these things still holding

you back from enjoying the celebration of the Father?

2. In what ways have you experienced the celebration like the father had when his son

returned home? Does Garden Ridge do a good job of celebrating the treasure people

are and what they mean to the Kingdom? How could we do better in this?

3. Does your definition of who you are and God’s definition match up? Why or why not?

4. What is wrong with the older brother’s attitude toward his younger brother? In what ways

have you struggled with holding the attitude of the older brother toward your own


5. What does it mean that you are not complete in your walk with God if you have only been

taken out of your slavery of sin? What do you picture the inheritance and home He is

preparing for you to be like? Do you imagine there will be celebrating, feasting and

dancing? Why or why not?

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