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Welcome!--Lesson 2--Born Again and Adopted

Discussion Questions:

1. How have you seen things of this world influence you, and even change you like Smeagol

was changed into Gollum? How do these things make you feel unpresentable to God?

2. How do the words of God help you remember who you are and retain the image of God?

What struggles do you have remembering to rely upon the words of God when you face

temptation or the whispers of doubt from Satan?

3. What is the difference in being born again and being adopted? Why does God insist on

us going through both processes?

4. Why is it significant that adoption creates family? What responsibilities do you have if you

have been adopted into the family of God?

5. From last week’s message of the Father’s joy and celebration at our return to Him, to the

desire God has to adopt us and change our nature through new birth, what does this say

to you about how much He wants a relationship with you? How does this help you

worship Him and deal with the difficulties we face in a fallen world?

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