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Welcome!--Lesson 3--Abba Father

Discussion Questions:

1. Are there times you have wondered whether it was ok for you to enter the presence of

God? How does the term “Abba” speak to this?

2. Why do you think Paul is the only apostle to encourage us to use the term Abba in

reference to God? How might his background, conversion and ministry to the Gentiles

motivate him to teach the significance of this title for God?

3. Describe the sacredness of love God has sought as husband and Father. Has your love

relationship with Him been this intimate, personal, sacred and unique? What would help it

to grow this way?

4. Why is it important that “Abba! Father!” is a cry from the inside? How does this

emphasize the importance of transformation, rebirth and the process of sanctification?

5. What responsibilities and expectations come with living in an “Abba! Father!”


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