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Welcome!--Lesson 4--A Wedding Invitation

Discussion Questions:

1. What is your 1st response when you hear you have been invited to a wedding, but you

need to wear armor to the ceremony? How does this describe our time on this earth?

2. How has the great divorce in Genesis 3 changed everything?

3. How does the back-and-forth action in Revelation (from bowls of wrath poured out to a 4-

fold song of hallelujah back to an image of war) appropriately describe the see-saw walk of

faith we often encounter? How does war imagery help you understand your emotional


4. Share a time you showed up to something and were not dressed in the proper attire. Why

is the King so insistent on His guests wearing appropriate attire?

5. What kinds of struggles have you had with wanting what the King offers at the wedding

feast, but not wanting to change in order to fit in?

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