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Welcome!--Lesson 5--Clothed in Christ

Discussion Questions:

1. If John’s baptism was for repentance and forgiveness of sins, why was Jesus insistent that

he be baptized? How does Jesus’ baptism help us?

2. How have you seen the three primary tests played out in your life? (1—Do you trust the

provision/protection of God—2—Do you trust the planning/timing of God—3—Do you

worship God only) How does knowing Jesus kept these for you help in your walk with


3. Isaiah shows that what the Messiah does moves us from a funeral to a wedding. How have

you experienced going from a funeral to a wedding or witnessed shalom produced out of

chaos in your personal walk?

4. If Jesus was baptized for us; tested for us; died for us; resurrected for us; and even our self-

control and groanings in our prayer life are through God’s presence, how much of our walk

with God is based on our power or goodness or discipline? What does this mean for you?

5. How does it feel to be marked as treasure by God? What does this tell you about the love

He has for each of us?

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