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Welcome!--Lesson 6--Standing at the Door Knocking

Discussion Questions:

1. What do you learn from King Uzziah’s example (II Chronicles 26)? What concerns do you

have with starting well, but not finishing strong in your walk with God?

2. Do you notice that Jesus does not blame the devil for the situation that the Laodiceans

have fallen into? Why is that important?

3. If the statistics are true about how more money causes more problems, why is it still such a

powerful temptation?

4. What kinds of things cause apathy in your personal walk with God? What is Jesus’

prescription for stirring up the coals to regain a flame (See Rev. 3:19)? What kinds of things

do you need to repent from (change your ways) so you stir up your fire?

5. How would you rate your hearing ability for the voice and knocking of Jesus? Do you see

more trouble with hardness, shallow soil or too many weeds?

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