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Welcome!--Lesson 7--Preparing a Place for Us

Discussion Questions:

1. What kinds of things cause your heart to feel troubled? Is there something you are

struggling with right now?

2. Do you believe the times we live in are the worst ever? Even if they are, what do you learn

from Peter, Noah and Ruth that can help you overcome the darkness and hardship?

3. How often do you fall into looking at your circumstances and reacting to them instead of

looking to God and entrusting your circumstances to Him? Why is this a struggle?

4. Which of the three assurances Jesus gives His apostles (There is an afterlife, and you are

welcome—We are not forgotten; He is coming back for us—Jesus is the path and direction

for us) speaks loudest to you right now? Why this one?

5. How is Jesus preparing you for the place He is preparing for us? How are trials and

hardship part of this preparation? How has your path involved a cross, new life, and

ascension to the Father?

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