What Do You Want to See in 2022?

Discussion Questions:

1. What gets in your way of experiencing sacred moments with God?

2. What do you see in Anna’s preparation to see the LORD that is helpful to you? How can

you overcome being intimidated and allowing busyness to hinder what you experience?

3. When you see that God’s plans were greater than Moses’ hopes, and greater than what

the two men on the road to Emmaus were looking for, how does this challenge you to

trust God more in His plans for your life?

4. How has chasing after things like power, popularity and entertainment taken away

awareness of His presence in your life? Would you agree with Max Lucado that these

are unsatisfying? How so?

5. How does taking time to look at rainbows, flowers and the souls of people help you to

see more of God in this world?

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