What's Next--Lesson 5--A New Beginning Called Resurrection--Various Passages

Discussion Questions:

1. How does your understanding of the Scriptures change when you see the theme of resurrection emphasized throughout God’s history with mankind?

2. How have you seen the presence of God turn death and/or defeat into victory and life in your own experiences?

3. In what ways have you seen the earth groan? How does Paul’s reference to childbirth in Romans 8 bring about a picture of victory instead of defeat?

4. How does exchanging the tabernacle for a permanent dwelling of the Temple help you understand your walk through this life towards your eternal inheritance? How does it call you to responsibility in your Christian walk because you are always a form of the house of God?

5. How does the Holy Spirit act as an engagement ring? How does this help you have confidence in the plan God has for your future, even when you face trials and challenges?

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