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What’s Next? - Lesson 8 - A Reward Called Heaven - Revelation 6-7

Discussion Questions:

  1. Tell how heaven is the ultimate fulfillment of history.  How does this give you security?  

  2. Why do you suppose God did not do away with the darkness when He created light?  How does that apply to His use of evil in our current world?

  3. The level of evil and destruction as the seals are broken leads to wondering who can stand through the wrath of the Lamb.  How are we able to stand?  What does it mean that we are protected but not removed from the suffering?

  4. The scene in heaven is one of worship and praise for what God provided His people.  How does knowing this teaching in Revelation 6-7 stir up praise and worship in you?

  5. What is your reaction to seeing evil contained?  How does this give you courage to face the challenges in our world today?

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