When You Don’t Have the Strength to Go On - Exodus 17

Discussion Questions:

  1. What kinds of things are you facing or have you faced that felt like the weight of them would simply break you? How did God provide others to walk with you and carry the weight?

  2. Why would God allow people to be attacked at their “resting place”? What should we learn from this?

  3. What kinds of situations have required you to play the role of Moses on behalf of someone else in the battles they face? How do you stand strong and overcome when there seems no end in sight and the weight of it is wearing you out?

  4. You can’t possibly be invested and involved in everyone’s battle or be there to provide support; so how do you set priorities and choose what battles to pour yourself into?

  5. How are you at allowing other people to walk with you and support you? Why is this difficult to accept?

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