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When You Pray--Lesson 10--The Importance of Corporate Prayer

Discussion Questions:

1. What power do you see in corporate (united and combined) prayer versus individual

prayer? Why are both important?

2. How is prayer like an aerial assault in war? How would you grade Garden Ridge in using

this advantage the LORD has given us in spiritual warfare?

3. What is your view of going into your inner room and praying in secret? How does it fit with

an emphasis on corporate prayer? How do the examples provided in the Book of Acts

help you to see the need to expand your prayer closet?

4. Would you say our worship times together at Garden Ridge are more a house of prayer? A

house of preaching? A house of fellowship? Or something else? What changes need to be

made so we function as a house of prayer?

5. How much of your spiritual walk is based upon dependence upon God? How often do you

tell Him your need for Him and your appreciation for what He provides?

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