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When You Pray--Lesson 4--To Glorify God

Discussion Questions:

1. How is life in this world a daily grind? What kinds of things consistently drag you into a

sense of life being mundane instead of a powerful walk with God?

2. What role does prayer play in keeping your focus above the repetitive cycles and ruts that

seem to go nowhere or accomplish anything?

3. How do you see your own struggle to understand God and His actions or lack of actions,

like Job did? How could Job’s friends have done a better job of helping Job stay focused

on God instead of the pain in his life?

4. How does one approach God with issues and needs in a holy manner? What was the

consequence of treating God in an unholy manner for Moses? How have we fallen into

the same distraction that Moses faced?

5. What explanation is there for Moses winding up in the Promised Land after God said he

wouldn’t, due to treating Him as unholy? What confidence does this give you in the

redemptive work of Jesus in your own life?

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