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When You Pray--Lesson 5--No Leftovers

Discussion Questions:

1. What are the responsibilities that come with being part of the priesthood of God? What are

the sacrifices we are called to make as part of God’s priesthood today? What does it take

for our sacrifices to be acceptable to God?

2. In what ways is prayer more of a vital organ, like the heart, instead of an appendage, like

an arm or leg? If prayer is a vital organ, how do you protect it and keep it healthy? What

could Garden Ridge do differently as a corporate body to help with this?

3. What struggles do you have with treating God as less than what He is? How often do you

fall into the snare of giving God less than your best while asking Him to bless what is

going on in your life? What helps you to stay focused, so your walk with God is vibrant and


4. Why is it more important to have deeper disciples than more disciples? How would this aim

affect the way things are done in our times of gathering for worship & fellowship?

5. Why is it important to recognize and embrace that the purpose of all things is to bring glory

to God? How would remembering this when gathering for worship help you to be more

engaged and excited in worship?

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