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When You Pray--Lesson 7--Reasons for Confidence

Discussion Questions:

1. What are the dangers of not having confidence in prayer? What kind of prayer crosses the

line from confident to arrogant or presumptuous?

2. How did Peter know the lame man would be healed or Dorcas would raise from the dead?

What is the difference for us today?

3. How does knowing you have eternal life help you to have more confidence in your prayer

life? What kinds of things make you doubt your eternal situation? How does this lack of

confidence turn you to introspection?

4. How have you seen God answer your prayers in the 4 different ways mentioned in the

sermon (Yes, No, Delay, Offer something different)? How can John assert with confidence

that God hears us and we have what we request when His answers can be no, wait, or

offer us something different?

5. How often do you pray using Scripture to guide you or to set your agenda? What makes

this a powerful way to guide you?

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