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When You Pray--Lesson 8--What Did Paul Pray For?

Discussion Questions:

1. What does it mean that we must see prayer as transformational and not just utilitarian?

What types of things do you pray that seek transformation?

2. What does the change in the apostle’s prayer concerns from the Gospel to Acts teach you

about your own prayer life? How have you seen maturity produced by the things you pray


3. If we kept track of the percentages of what we pray about, what areas need more

emphasis in our corporate prayer life? How does avoiding praying about these things

hinder opportunities and bring stagnation?

4. Why does Paul place such a strong emphasis on knowledge of God’s will? How should

this play out into our actions? What helps you to be filled with the knowledge of God?

5. What areas of character development could use more prayer in your life? Why are prayer

and patience important ingredients for our maturation in the LORD?

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