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Why Be Anxious--Stand Alone Sermon

Discussion Questions:

1. What kinds of things cause you to feel stress and anxiety? How much of the stress and

anxiety you feel is from external sources, and how much is internal?

2. Describe what it means that God is “the God of peace”? How does He demonstrate this to


3. What difficulty do you have praying with a spirit of thankfulness, especially when the

circumstances are difficult or hurtful? How does a spirit of thankfulness overcome anxiety?

4. How have you seen expectations influence the way you experience things? How does a

better knowledge of God and His promises positively enhance your expectations, even

when facing trial or loss?

5. How does Jesus’ portrayal of Himself as a chicken offer encouragement to you? What

does this portrayal tell you about His confidence concerning what is in His account with

God? Do you have this confidence in your account?

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