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Will We Be Transformed?--Lesson 1--Why Do We Want a King?

Discussion Questions:

1. Why do we say we want change until it means we have to be the ones who do the

changing? What makes change difficult?

2. Why did Jacob think his pole peeling was being successful? What kinds of things have you

seen done or done yourself trying to manipulate success?

3. Why does transformation need to involve God? How does one develop a new heart?

4. Why are the people not deterred when God spells out for them the cost they will pay in

having a king? If explaining the cost doesn’t deter someone from harmful actions, what

strategies should we use in guiding loved ones through important decisions in their lives?

5. Why did God approve their request for a king when He saw their faulty manipulations and

the struggles they were setting themselves up to experience? Do you think He does the

same thing with us today? Explain why knowing this is important.

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