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Will We Be Transformed?--Lesson 5--The Choices We Make

Discussion Questions:

1. What causes us to miss out on God’s blessings? What kinds of blessings do you think you

may have missed out receiving, and why?

2. How do you know which way is the path to death versus the path to life? Who or what is in

the small screen of your life giving you direction through all the lies and manipulation?

3. What kind of potential do you believe you have because you are created in the image of

God? Why is it important to realize your limitations? How do these two things war against

each other?

4. What pain have you felt going against the grain of the universe? Why is it easy to

rationalize living our own way instead of accepting the boundaries God tries to give us?

5. Do you have any issues with accumulating more than you really need? We can see the

system is broken, yet we continue to run back to it. Why is Egypt so appealing?

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