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Building Character--Lesson 4--No Shortcuts!--The Life of Moses

Discussion Questions:

1.  What kinds of shortcuts have you attempted in your spiritual development?  How did it work out for you? 

2.  Why is it difficult at times to remember that God is with us?  Why is having Him with us vital to our character development?

3.  Why did God seek to kill Moses in Exodus 4:24?  Are there any issues with your relationship with God that have not been set in order?  How was obedience greater than sacrifice or good works in this situation?

4.  Moses’ issue with anger resulted in him missing out on leading the Israelites into the Promised Land.  What areas of your own character are hindering you from experiencing all that God wants for you and from you?

5.  How have you seen shortcuts encouraged by worldly thinking lead to increased fear, anxiety, and even devouring one another?  Discuss if and how God’s path is truly better.

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