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Character Building--Lesson 7--So Much Potential--Judges 13-16

Discussion Questions:

1.  What compromises with the world have you seen our church family struggle with?  What areas in your personal walk are tempting to compromise?

2.  How is our rebirth and walk with God like the birth of Samson?  What advantages have we been provided through the Spirit of God?  What signs has God provided of the strength and victory available to you?

3.  Why, when we see thousands of blooms on the strawberry plants is it difficult to pick them off and wait another year?  How does this delayed gratification work in other areas of life?

4.  Do you have any areas of Kryptonite (or Samsonite) that you are willing to admit in front of a group?  How do you get rid of this baggage, so you are not influenced by it?

5.  Describe the encouragement it rings you to see God answer the prayer of one who failed as bad as Samson did, and how a stubble of faith can accomplish so much.

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