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Discussion Questions:

  1. What do you think causes some to fall and others to rise up when they face overwhelming circumstances?

  2. How have the actions of other people brought discouragement to you? How do you look beyond the people or circumstances they cause to keep your focus upon God?

  3. While the world was about to experience a severe famine, Joseph was devising a plan to deal with it because of his enlightened perspective, which provided hope for countless numbers of people. How does our knowledge of the future put us in the same position as Joseph?

  4. After Jacob died, Joseph’s brothers were consumed with worry about how Joseph might pay them back for what they did to him, yet Joseph was focused on something larger. How does an enlightened perspective change worry or even vengeance into praise of God?

  5. When life bumps you around, what spills out of you? What can you do to be filled with hope, peace and joy instead of anger, anxiety and cynicism?

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