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Discussion Questions:

  1. What caused Elijah to run out of the Promised Land, away from his ministry, and to ask God to take his life?  How can we avoid this kind of discouragement?

  2. How has the devil tricked you into thinking you are alone when you face crises?  Why is he successful at making us feel this way, even when evidence shows this is not the case?

  3. How can we do a better job of recognizing the Obadiah stories instead of letting the Jezebel threats cause us to lose hope?

  4. How much of our loss of hope is due to a loss of the word of God? How much emphasis do you place on the word of God in your daily choices and situations?

  5. Elijah was offered hope by some really strange sources.  Tell of a strange way the LORD has brought hope into your life—something you never saw coming.

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