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Discussion Questions:

  1. What does perspective have to do with finding hope in the midst of the struggles we face? What can we do to be constantly reminded to look beyond the small picture to a larger context in the LORD?

  2. Why would God tolerate the evil reign of Manasseh for 55 years (A longer reign than any other king)? Have you asked yourself in the midst of some trial or bad situation, “Where is God? Why doesn’t He do something?” What does silence like this mean?

  3. What role do you see humility playing in Manasseh’s new-found hope in the LORD? How has a struggle with humility brought about a struggle to have hope in your own life?

  4. If you were Isaiah’s widow, would you consider Manasseh being forgiven and restored by God fair? How do we find hope in the circumstances that seem so unfair?

  5. How does our repentance, God’s forgiveness, and still having to face the consequence of sin fit together?

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