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Respond!--Lesson 3--When Life Turns Bitter--Ruth 1

Discussion Questions:

1. What is the connection between the way you respond to the trials and issues you deal with

in life and the way God can use you in service to His Kingdom?

2. What do you learn from the way God allowed lions & bears to attack David’s sheep? How

might God be using the trials and hardships you are going through to develop you for the


3. How have you seen God be the Great Parentheses in your life? What kinds of things has

He set up and provided before you were even born? What has He promised and provided

for your future?

4. How does knowing what God has done before and after you help you to be worshipful

instead of falling into complaining and becoming bitter?

5. What hinders you from presenting yourself to God (and to God’s people) “just as you are”?

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