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The Art of Leadership--Lesson 7--Beware of Saboteurs

Discussion Questions:

1. How does our desire to be liked influence our leadership ability? What are some ways to

avoid falling into the trap of people pleasing?

2. What makes good people turn into saboteurs? Why are there consistently those who will

try to sabotage leadership?

3. How have you seen people lose their ears when people of God resort to the sword? How

do you avoid reaching a point of retaliation or violence when you are attacked? What

helps you to stay calm and focused on the mission?

4. How do we adapt to reaching our culture without change? What changes are you afraid of

seeing happen at Garden Ridge? Why do these changes scare you?

5. What makes receiving a present in different wrapping paper than you ask for acceptable?

How does God’s focus on mission and the fact that He does not waste anything help you

look beyond the wrapping paper that life comes in to the contents inside the box?

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