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The Art of Leadership--Lesson 8--Getting Ahead of the Future

Discussion Questions:

1. How have you seen success cause a movement to become stagnate? How have you seen

failure cause a movement to stagnate? Why are both of these a danger?

2. God teaches Abram to see past his current circumstances to what He has planned for his

future. He offers promises and a picture of what He has planned for him. How has God

provided the same thing for us?

3. Why is Jesus able to speak “Peace” to a room full of those who have failed Him in many

ways? What does He do to show them they legitimately have reason to feel peace? How

does this assure you in the roles He calls you to play for His Kingdom?

4. Why do you think Jesus breathes on the disciples to give them the Holy Spirit? How does

this help you to see that God’s ways will prevail even through your failures and successes?

5. Describe why it is important for a leader to be connected to the past, dependent upon God

in the present, and looking forward to the future.

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