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The Running Man--Lesson 5--Running Ahead of God--Jonah 4

Discussion Questions:

1. The Ninevites could get God to change His mind, but Jonah cannot. Why?

2. How do we live upholding God’s standards of holiness while avoiding a spirit of judgment?

3. God appointed a plant to provide shade and then a worm to kill the plant and a scorching wind. How do each of these display the mercy of God? How have you seen God appoint both the good and bad in your life as part of His mercy?

4. How do Jonah’s actions in 4:5 provide a poor reflection of who God is? Have you seen God’s church (or yourself personally) act in the same way as Jonah towards the lost?

5. Who are the people of Ninevah in your life? How has your personal comfort moved you towards avoiding taking the message of God’s second chance to them?

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