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What A Gift! - Lesson 4 - A Gift Bigger Than The Moment

Discussion Questions:

  1. What should we expect living in a world in which everything leads to death? How does this make what God offers in Jesus essential?

  2. How can we develop more of the attitude Jesus portrays as He faces disrespect, mistreatment and ultimately death without protest, complaining, defense or even demands? What enabled Him to face what He faced without opening His mouth?

  3. There were many of God’s leaders who were not silent as they faced pain and injustice (Jeremiah, David, Job, Habakkuk, etc.) What makes their cries and Jesus’ silence both right responses before God?

  4. What roles do the promises and plans of God play in Jesus’ ability to face death without a word against His accusers? How should God’s promises and plans affect us?

  5. Stanza four of the Servant Song in Isaiah 52:13-53:12 ends with Jesus in the grave. What would it mean if this were the end of the song?

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