Discussion Questions

Discussion Questions:

  1. In what ways have you wrestled with rebellion because of your flesh? When will this battle end?

  2. How has God revealed Himself as a tender shoot in your life? Why does He often choose humble, unassuming means to reveal Himself instead of through power and grandeur?

  3. Why do we have times when we believe that God doesn’t understand us or the situation we are facing? How does this move us to alter His commands and/or plans for us?

  4. How does seeing the “arm of God” help you go against the flow so you do not reject God’s plans or rebel against Him?

  5. How have appearances fooled us? Why do we put so much stock in the appearance of things?

Discussion Questions:

  1. Do you believe that every event under heaven has an appointed time? What does this mean in light of the struggles you encounter?

  2. What do you learn about the depth of God’s love when you see in the opening of Isaiah’s song of prophecy that God’s suffering servant is going to provide cleansing and salvation for the very ones who beat Him and dehumanized Him?

  3. How does Barabbas (a murderer) being released and forgiven his crimes, while Jesus (the sinless Son of God) enduring trials, beatings and crucifixion tell the story of what God has done in your life?

  4. The first statement of Isaiah’s song is SUCCESS! How does this encourage you as you face the ugliness and brokenness of this fallen world?

  5. How have you seen God bring victory to your life in backwards ways? Share an example.

Discussion Questions:

  1. What kinds of rocks have been added to your backpack? How have they weighed you down?

  2. How do things like “agony”, “martyr”, “exhaustion to the point of collapse” and “joy” fit together?

  3. What does it say to you that almost every book of the New Testament makes reference to the fact that as followers of Jesus we will face suffering?

  4. How has suffering brought endurance and other good things to your life?

  5. What can people in your Connect Group or church family do to help you better “fix your eyes upon Jesus” and “consider Him” so that you remember the reasons for hope and joy even as you possibly face “agony”, “exhaustion to the point of collapse” and “martyrdom”?