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EyeTunes - Lesson 1 - Choose a Path - Psalm 1

Discussion Questions:

  1. Why is there no middle ground with God?

  2. How have you walked, stood and/or sat among evil influences? What habits do you have that need changing so they will not lead you to destruction?

  3. How did the illustration of the narrow path Jesus claims leads to life cause you to reflect upon what baggage is truly important in your life versus what needs to be turned loose?

  4. Which is easier for you—to love God with your heart or your head? How can you become more consistent in loving Him from both heart and head?

  5. How does meditating on the instruction of the LORD help you to develop fruit for the various seasons we encounter?

EyeTunes--Lesson 2--God Has Complete Control--Psalm 2

Discussion Questions:

  1. Tell of a way that God has provided refuge for you. What made it possible for you to entrust yourself to God for refuge?

  2. In what ways do you struggle with not wanting Jesus to rule over you? What areas do you find difficult to surrender to Him?

  3. How has God used the dots (trials and challenges) in your life to imprint a picture of His Kingdom in your life?

  4. How does God’s sovereignty (complete control), and His turning the tables on Pharaoh, Haman and the religious leaders during Jesus’ time give you comfort in a world that often times feels like it is dangerous, crazy and out of control?

  5. How does Psalm 2 instruct us to receive the blessings of God? What does that look like in your life?

EyeTunes--Lesson 3--When the World is Against Me--Psalm 3

Discussion Questions:

  1. What kinds of things cause you to get empty and unstable in your faith? How does this lead to being blown around easily by the winds of this world?

  2. David faced betrayal of a most hurtful kind. How do you think writing a Psalm about it helped him to gain a better perspective and healing?

  3. What do you know about God that sets reality for you when the world seems to fall apart?

  4. Does David have a right to ask God to deliver him? How does his prayer, even though he was the one who set things up through his own sinful choices, give you hope for God’s deliverance in the midst of your own poor choices and the messes that come from them?

EyeTunes--Lesson 4--Covenant with the Creator Has Its Advantages--Psalm 4

Discussion Questions:

  1. Do you ever feel like God is distant and does not care about you, your situation, or your concerns?

  2. How do stones of remembrance help with times that seem overwhelming or when it feels like God is not listening to us? What would you classify as a “stone of remembrance” in your life?

  3. What comfort do you find knowing that God set you apart the same way He set the Israelites apart when the Egyptians faced the plagues of God? How does knowing this while Israel continued to be slaves help you work through the difficult trials and challenges life produces?

  4. What difference does it make that joy is a focus and/or attitude rather than an emotion? What Paul and Silas moments have you experienced in the past month?

  5. What struggle do you have with building your life upon the things that last versus the things that are temporary? How does this add to the feeling of being unstable and blown about by every wind that comes along?

EyeTunes--Lesson 5--Living as One who is Righteous in an Unrighteous World--Psalm 5

Discussion Questions:

  1. How orderly and all-inclusive are you at involving God in your everyday experiences and choices? 

  2. What “alabaster jar” do you have to offer the LORD? How difficult is it for you to give it completely away? 

  3. Why does God have such a hatred for sin? Why does that spill over into hating the sinner according to Psalm 5:4-6?

  4. How does understanding God as a right Twix and a left Twix help you appreciate His completeness as a holy & just (right Twix)/loving & merciful (left Twix) Father?

  5. How did Jesus reveal the full character of God to the woman who anointed Jesus and washed His feet in Luke 7:36-50? What kind of refuge, shelter, blessings and shield did she experience because of the character of God?

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