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So Thankful--Lesson #4--It is All in How You Hear It--Psalm 136

Discussion Questions:

1. How important is the concept of not being able to hear leading to not being able to speak

or put into practice that truth in your life? How does this premise excite you about

learning to hear God in new ways?

2. How has the devil been successful in stripping away the joy of high notes or low notes

and led people to believe their lives are off key or bland? What would help people hear

the truth of God’s Kingdom better so their lives are full of praise, gratitude & thanksgiving?

3. If you were writing a Psalm like this about your own life, for what expressions of the loving

kindness of God would you give thanks?

4. How do the missing chapters within this Psalm provide hope for the overall plan of God to

be victorious? Does this help you to have patience upon the LORD when you are in the

middle of difficult situations?

5. How does seeing that God allowed Jesus to face His own “bulls of Bashan” (and the

result was the same) encourage you in the challenges you encounter?

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