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The Art of Leadership--Lesson 6--Blending Relationships With Purpose

Discussion Questions:

1. What kinds of things make you feel like you don’t fit in with God’s people or connect very


2. Does everyone have something to offer the Kingdom of God? Everyone? What does this

mean for you?

3. In what ways does Garden Ridge need to grow in adaptive leadership and empowering

everyone? What stories do you have of this being a positive trait at Garden Ridge?

4. What steps do you see in Rahab’s development of faith in God? How does adaptive

leadership play an important role in helping people from questionable pasts find their way

to salvation and acceptance in God’s covenant community?

5. How did the faith of a pagan harlot change history? How was her family influenced by her

choices? If God can do so much through Rahab, what are His plans for you?

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