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Character Building--Lesson 6--It Doesn't Take the Spectacular...--Esther

Discussion Questions:

1.  What difficulty do you have choosing things for the sake of others instead of focusing on taking care of your own needs?  How is this connected to bearing the image of God and your character?

2.  Do you take time to think about how each day is one piece of a bigger picture?  How would this help you to appreciate the various situations in your life, even the trials?

3.  Why do you think God often chooses to work in our lives in covert ways?

4.  How do you deal with the silence of God?  How have you seen people contrive ways of showing God’s presence?  Why is this not necessary?

5.  The Passover and the Feast of Purim are reminders of God’s deliverance.  What helps you to keep His deliverance in mind, especially in times when it seems like He is silent?

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