Foreshadow--Lesson 7--Who Is Carrying Who

Discussion Questions:

1. Based upon the definition of idolatry given in the sermon, what kinds of issues do you have

with idolatry in your life? Why is it so easy to fall into idolatry?

2. How did Israel’s response to the threat of the Philistines differ from their response to the

threat from the Ammonites, Moabites and Meunites? What do you learn from this in facing

your own spiritual battles?

3. How have you seen what God provides us for relationship and His presence in our lives

turned into idolatry?

4. How have you seen the practice of religion become a burden and tiring instead of a yoke

that is easy and light? What role does idolatry play in this? How is Jesus’ teaching to

Nicodemus relevant?

5. What struggles do you have with submission? How is submission important to maintaining

proper use of the Tabernacle?

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