Here's Your Sign--Lesson 2--Bolstering Faith through Giving Life--John 4:46-54

Discussion Questions:

1. Why is a “walk” of faith a good way to describe the process that Jesus calls us to?

2. How does Jesus use distance to move the royal official to a deeper faith in Him? How has Jesus used distance to guide you to deeper faith?

3. This second sign Jesus does points to the power of His word and His ability to give life. Why are these important qualities for us to recognize in our own faith development?

4. What should we learn from the way the Israelites handled Moses being gone for 40 days? Have there been times you did things in the name of the LORD that you later recognized were actually sin?

5. What are the pros & cons of crisis faith? Why is obedience such an important next step? How often does God call us to “go” without showing us what the results will be? What kinds of things help you develop this level of trust?

6. There is an obvious difference in how this royal official comes to see Jesus and then leaves from Him. How does your faith in Jesus bring peace to your life, even in the midst of intense trials?

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