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I've Got a Peaceful, Easy Feeling--Lesson 8--The Secret of Contentment--Philippians 4:10-23

Discussion Questions:

1.  What is the difference in being self-sufficient and being content?  What difficulty do you have depending upon God or other people?

2.  How have you seen God already at work prior to the situations of your life?  What helps you to be content when things feel out of control?

3.  How does contentment help us keep a sense of wonder and joy?  Tell of something from this past week that caused you to feel wonder, joy, or both.

4.  How does magnifying Jesus help us with contentment?  How does contentment help us with magnifying Jesus?  Which one is easier for you to start with?

5.  What does contentment have to do with generosity?  How are these two things tied together?

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