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Portraits of God--Lesson 2--How God Responds When Relationship Becomes Religion--I Samuel 2:11-36

Discussion Questions:

1. Is there baggage you are trying to carry in your walk with God making it difficult to walk the narrow path? How can your Connect Group or church family help you let go of what is not necessary?

2. How is it possible to serve the LORD at the tabernacle and not know Him? Have you had

seasons like this in your own walk with God?

3. Why is religion not enough? Describe what the difference is between following a religion

and living in a relationship with God.

4. Is your spiritual walk more about verbs or nouns? Why should the church be a verb

instead of a noun? Why should worship? Why should faith?

5. Why would God destroy Hophni & Phineas (the sons of Eli), but spare David, Manasseh,

Ahab and Rahab? What do you learn from these examples for your own life?

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