So Thankful--Lesson #3--His Love Endures Forever--Psalm 118

Discussion Questions:

1. Why do temporary situations have so much power over our focus and security? How does

being reminded of the hesed covenant love of God and its everlasting nature help?

2. What kinds of struggles can you look back upon and say, “It came to pass”?

3. How does assurance of salvation help you face even the worst of life experiences with

a cry of this being the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it?

4. How does God taking a rejected stone and turning it into the chief cornerstone reveal the

plans He has for your life?

5. How would the message of this Psalm have provided Jesus with encouragement and

hope as He faced betrayal and crucifixion? How wonderful is it that He had this song to

sing as He stepped out into the darkness that awaited Him?

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