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The Beauty of Baptism--Lesson 4--A New Level of Intimacy with God--Genesis 17

Discussion Questions:

1. How intimate is your relationship with God? Are there times when it feels like He is too

much in your personal space?

2. What security do you have knowing that God wants a relationship with you based upon

covenant vows? What responsibilities are placed upon you due to this type of


3. How successful have you been at living with your flesh cut off? Why is this still a problem

if baptism is truly a circumcision ceremony?

4. How well can you relate to Abram’s impatience with God’s carrying out His promises and

then looking for human solutions to help bring things about? How does God’s revealing

Himself as El Shaddai (God Almighty) provide a solution?

5. How successful have you been at keeping your vows to God? What would help you to

keep your vows fresh in your mind and your relationship with God strong?

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