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The Beauty of Baptism--Lesson 5--From Death to Life--Romans 6

Discussion Questions:

1. Why is it difficult at times to live like we are already victorious?

2. How have you seen Jesus stop and lift you up as He continues running the race to

perfection? How well do you imitate this type of race running in your own life?

3. How has being grafted into Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection made a difference in

your life? Is it possible that you have been set free and still live as a slave to sin and


4. How has Satan deceived us into being more focused on the ambulance in the valley

instead of putting up guardrails? What kinds of guardrails are in place in your life?

5. Why is it important to fill your house with occupants after removing what is bad and

sweeping things clean? How does this apply to your spiritual walk with the LORD?

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