The Running Man--Lesson 2--Running to the Right Finish Line?

Discussion Questions:

1. In what ways does sin affect your prayer life?

2. How have you seen God take a heart of stone and turn it into a heart of flesh? What does it take on our part for this to happen?

3. Are there times when you have slid into a mindset of trying to please God through your efforts? How has that worked out for you?

4. How have your efforts of self-protection, self-preservation, or trying to provide for yourself hindered God’s ability to bring His grace and mercy into your life?

5. What are some ways that you saw the story of Jonah being a sign of the work of Jesus on our behalf?

6. Do you see hypocrisy in the way Jonah refers to God in V. 9 while admitting that he is running away from the work God wanted him to accomplish? How might this be true of your own evangelistic efforts?

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