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The Running Man--Lesson 3--Running Back to God

Discussion Questions:

1. How have you seen God work through the messes of your life? Did you learn anything from the way God patiently worked with Jonah to call him back to Him?

2. How does your prayer life provide a diagnosis of the condition of your walk with God?

3. In what ways does God’s pursuit of Jonah surprise you? How does casting him into the deep and causing His waves to pass over him show God’s love for Jonah?

4. Why is it important to understand God’s affinity for process when it comes to His work in our lives? How does it help to see that not all steps of the process will feel good?

5. How does God use even rebellion to carry out His will? Can you give an example?

6. How is resurrection a key part of the story of Jonah? How is it a key part of your own story?

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