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Who Is Your King?--Stand Alone Sermon--Luke 19 & Judges 6

Discussion Questions:

1. How would you define sin? Is there a difference between occasionally stumbling and sinning?

2. How many of the struggles you deal with is due to rebellion and compromise in your bond with God?

3. Gideon questions where God has been when he looks around at the trials he and his people have endured year after year. How has God called you to be part of the solution for the community around you to experience the presence of God in power and blessings?

4. Suppose one of the men given a mina had invested it and lost the investment; how do you think the King (Jesus) would respond? Do you think there is a point being made in that each one who invested wound up with more?

5. What does being yoked with Jesus mean? How does placing ourselves in a yoke with Him actually set us free?

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