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Will We Be Transformed?--Lesson 2--A Better Finish than it Appears

Discussion Questions:

1. How is it more accurate to say, “God is precise” instead of “God is harsh”? Why does His

standard of holiness seem harsh?

2. In what ways is unbelief at the root of most, if not all, of our anger? How small does the

universe get when you are consumed by anger?

3. In what ways do the Israelite people move Moses toward anger and not treating God as

holy? Can we blame others for tripping us up this way? Why, or why not?

4. Do you see consistency in the way God handled Moses’ striking the rock with the other

stories of rebellion in Numbers? What makes it feel like God is inconsistent? Is there a

lesson in this for us?

5. What fear do you have of being tripped up or dropping the baton before reaching the

finish line? How does Moses’ story of failure being carried out into the New Testament

alleviate your fears?

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