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Will We Be Transformed?--Lesson 3--Whose Plan Is It?

Discussion Questions:

1. What was it that caused Jesus to be in such agony and desperation at the Garden of

Gethsemane? Why do you think God was silent on this difficult occasion?

2. How often does it feel like praying to God is like praying to a wall? Why, then, did God

answer Hezekiah’s prayer knowing the difficulties it would bring?

3. Why do we make deals with things of this world when God has proven His provision &

protection in the past? What kinds of things cause your faith to have highs and lows like

Hezekiah did?

4. How much do you think about what you are leaving behind for those following after you?

How might surrendering, even to the point of death, be used by God in the lives of those

following you?

5. Why is transformation such a difficult thing to accomplish? How does pride work against

what God is trying to transform in your life?

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