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Will We Be Transformed?--Lesson 4--Make Room!

Discussion Questions:

1. How does Jesus’ offer for rest for your soul tie into the importance of repentance

(transformation) and making room for Him? What struggles do you have paying attention

to what God is doing around you?

2. What danger do you see in trying to squeeze God into your busy life rather than changing

your life by expanding your tents and making room for Him? How have you seen God try

to stretch you into more than you used to be?

3. Why do you suppose the God capable of providing a star for the Magi to follow did not

provide a room for Jesus to be born within? How did the Magi’s willingness to make room

in their lives for God pay off for them?

4. How does not providing a room for Jesus give His disciples an important lesson to

contemplate? What price have you been called to pay to carry out God’s will in your life?

5. What does John 14:2-3 tell us Jesus is doing for us currently? Knowing He is making room

for you, what is your honest evaluation of your making room for Him?

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